Tallinn Industrial Education Center

Mechatronics = mecha(anics) + (electronic) + (informatics). It means interaction of mechanics, electronics and computer.
A mechatronics technician is a specialist who works in a company in the field of mechatronics, automation, apparatus industry or electronics. The main tasks of a mechatronics engineer are to design, operate and test mechatronic devices, systems and subsystems to ensure their trouble-free operation. He tunes mechatronic systems based on work instructions, using appropriate control and measurement tools. The demand for skilled workers in the field is high, which means that it is easy for a good mechatronics engineer to find interesting and rewarding work.
Marek-Lars Kruusen is studying mechatronics and robotics at the Tallinn Industrial Education Center.

The Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory is located in the Tallinn Industrial Education Center, where students and researchers can practice and develop their skills. The photos were taken by Marek-Lars Kruusen.