The physics of time travel is called Supermechanics. It is the theory of everything that explains everything.

Ajas rändamine

Theoretical physics and mathematics

Physics and mathematics describe our reality. Supermechanics describes the entire Universe.

It takes a supermind to understand the universe. You are Superman when you have it.

Superman has superpowers. Supermecha-nics has the ability to describe anything.

Superman's role is to save the world. The world needs a Superman.

It takes a mind of steel to create supermechanics.

Superman gets his power from the Sun.

Sunlight provides energy.

There are billions of Suns in the Universe.

Supermechanics describes the entire existence of the Universe.

There are billions of galaxies in the universe.

Superman is the strongest and most elegant superhero.

The equations of physics are also elegant.

The understanding of the entire physics of the universe belongs to the Most High

Superman is graceful. The theories of physics are also graceful.

The physics that describes everything is also very elegant.

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