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The website presents the science of physics and mathematics, which describes the past and future of human travel in time.
On June, 2022, a new edition of Time Travel was released. This publication is special in that the mathematical physics describing time travel and through it the physics of the Universe no longer contains any scientific/mathematical contradictions. All paradoxes and internal contradictions have been eliminated. This publication also contains, for the first time, an engineering-technical solution for the creation of time-space tunnels or wormholes. It is also the second edition with more than a thousand pages.
The engineering and technical design of space-time tunnels and the theoretical physics in this field would need to be translated into other languages, as in this case it would be possible to present this material at the research institutes of the world's top universities. The only English-language material that could reach the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) is:
The engineering and theoretical development of space-time tunnels needs to be financed.
Therefore, the account number of SEB bank is shown below, where donations can be made. SEB Bank is located in Tallinn, the capital of the Republic of Estonia.
The aim is to raise exactly EUR 3 million. In return, I offer your company the opportunity to advertise on our great websites and participation in a patent for technology for the creation of time-space tunnels. The patent application is currently being processed by the USA Patent Office.
Receivers name: Marek-Lars Kruusen
SEB bank account number: EE601010010312397012
SEB bank's website:

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